Because the notion of serial killer was over exploited by media and Hollywood so much and so often, multiple myths about serial killers emerged. However reality is far more complex than that.

Here are a few myths that people tend to believe and get wrong:

  • Serial killers want to be caught
    Wrong. Serial killers become more and more confident which each act they commit. The level of logistics in doing such crimes (select, target, approach, dispose body) is very complex and with each crime, they become more confident. Eventually this leads them to make mistakes, however not because they want to be caught, but because they think they will never be caught.
  • Serial Killers are geniuses
    Wrong again. Serial killers can range from average intelligence to above average intelligence. There are more than just a couple of examples to observe the different intelligence levels serial killers have.
  • Serial Killers can’t stop killing
    Again wrong. There were cases when serial killers stopped killing before they were caught. One example is Dennis Rader aka BTK (bind, torture, kill) He stopped killing in 1995 and was caught in 2005. Reasons can vary and for example, some substituted the need of killing with engaging in sexual activities.
  • Serial killers travel and commit crimes in multiple places.
    You guessed it: wrong. Most serial killers activated in their comfort zone, which can be areas whey they live or work. The ones that did commit crimes in different locations were usually homeless cases, moving very often and job related travels, which gives them multiple comfort zones.
  • Serial killers are mainly motivated by sex
    Wrong. There are multiple reasons which can motivate a serial murderer. Just to name a few: financial gain, witness elimination, lust, thrill. Therefore, we can’t stereotype serial killers.

These are just a couple os myths about serial killers. Hollywood and the media perpetuates the same stereotypes more often than it should, but you should understand each individual case before putting the term ‘serial killer’ in a box.

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