Gary Ridgway – The Green River Killer

If you landed on this post and you have no clue who was Gary Ridgway aka The Green River Killer, you can first get up to speed with this: The Green River Killer – Serial Killer

When we posted that article about Gary Ridgway, back in Febryary, we didn’t add all found documents about his case, so we created this post which contains some documents such as Summary Of The Evidence, a murder map and a letter that initially failed to be attributed to Gary Ridgway.


Gary Ridgway – Prosecutor’s Summary Of The Evidence


Bellow you can find 138 paged of the prosecutor’s summary of the evidence. The first page serves as a warning for all the details that might be disturbing for some readers. If you think you can handle it, then here it is:


Murder Map


Bellow you can see the murder map for Gary Ridgway’s victims


Gary Ridgway – Letter


Gary Ridgway’s letter from 1984, sent to the Seattle Post – Intelligencer. The letter was analyzed at that time by FBI agents and considered not to be written by the killer; however, later, it was confirmed that the letter belonged to him and what written by the killer himself.





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