We wrote an article about serial killer Harold Shipman not long ago. That’s right, the one with over 215 victims. Shipman was a medic so he had easy access to his victims, most of which were elderly patients. When he was not injecting his patients with a morphine overdose, Shipman was also presenting himself as an important member of his community.

Bellow we have the Harold Shipman inquiry documents. After being arrested and convicted, an inquiry was ordered to investigate patient files and determine how many other victims he had.

1. First Inquiry investigated how many patients Shipman killed, the means employed and the period over which the killings took place. July 19, 2002.


2. The second Inquiry examined the conduct of the police investigation into Shipman that took place in March 1998 failing to uncover his crimes. July 14, 2003.


3.  The third report investigated the present system for death and cremation certification and for the investigation of deaths by coroners; and also the conduct of those who had operated those systems in the aftermath of the deaths of Shipman’s victims.


4. The fourth report investigated the systems for the management and regulation of controlled drugs; together with the conduct of those who operated those systems.


5. The fifth report investigated the handling of complaints against general practitioners (GPs), the raising of concerns about GPs, General Medical Council procedures and its proposal for revalidation of doctors.


6. The sixth report investigated how many patients Shipman killed during his career as a junior doctor at Pontefract General Infirmary between 1970 and 1974

source: The National Archives UK

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